Game Programming for Artists
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Game Programming for Artists

A new book by Jarryd Huntley & Hanna Brady

Start Programming Games Now!

A guide for artists (and other non programmers!) to familiarize themselves with game programming and provide a foundation that lets them start making their own games.

An in-depth and holistic look at how programming languages and game engines work.

Includes specific practical recipes that will teach more complex programming concepts, and provide insight into the programming behind game design.

Provides a common vocabulary and foundation to facilitate programmers and artists working together.

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Game Programming for Artists

About the Authors

Jarryd Huntley is a Cleveland area software engineer. He also teaches game programming, is a leader in the Cleveland game developer community and an indie game developer.

Hanna Brady is a freelance game writer. She’s worked on mobile and indie games, taught writing workshops and owns more board games than are strictly necessary.